Spotlight: Fyrinnae Halloween 2011 Swatches

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When I heard Fyrinnae was releasing a new collection of shadows I nearly died, I love their shadows--which I'm sure you know if you follow my blog ;) Fyrinnae released their Halloween 2011 collection at the beginning of the month. It consisted of 9 new shadows and 2 Lip Lustres (Sweetest Poison and Coffin Velvet--I didn't purchase these but I need Sweetest Poison for sure!).  I did a post on their release and mentioned that I'd been sick the day they were released--I was devastated! The site was flooded with orders and closed shortly after. I was able to place an order within a day or two though, thank goodness! I just got them today and had to swatch them up for you--love them!

The Collection
The 9 shadows in the Halloween 2011 collection were composed of 6 Arcane Magic shadows and 3 regular shadows. You can see the a list in my original post on the release. You can click any of the images in this post to get a more detailed view.

These are the shadows that make up the Fyrinnae Halloween 2011 collection--so fun!

Look at those colors! So much sparkle and shimmer :)

Individual Shadow Swatches
I've swatched all of the shadows individually so you can see what they look like! All of these were done over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, with the exception of the matte shadows.

Alchemist's Curse - Black base with purple flash/sparkle. It was hard to catch it completely, but you can kind of see it here.
Are You My Mummy - Mossy green with green flash. I love the texture of this shadow, you have to see it in person!

Book of the Dead - Super flashy bronze-gold.

Bride of Frankenstein - Blue-green with flashes of green and multicolored sparks. I know some of it is out of focus, but you can see the flash of green and glitter this way!

Doria Grey - This reminds me of a flashy gun metal grey. This is also a character from one of my favorite books--love literal references!

Purgatory - Velvety, metallic bordeaux. This shadow has so much depth it's insane! Seriously insane!

Raven's Prophecy - Matte black base with multicolored glitter flecks. You know my weakness for black shadows with micro-glitter sparks ;)

Steampunk - Brown base with pinkish flash and multicolored micro-glitter flecks.

Wake Not the Dead - Muted purple base filled with holographic flashes! This one is knock-your-socks-off nuts!
Fyrinnae prices samples at $2 a piece and full-size range from $5.90 for regular shadows and $6.35 for Arcane Magic shadows. 

Where to Buy
Fyrinnae shadows can be purchased on the company's site If for any reason the site is down (which periodically happens when they're flooded with orders) just keep checking back, eventually you'll catch the site up! You can always build a wishlist if you create an account on the site if you're not quite ready to purchase yet.  

Collection Favorites
My favorites from this collection are Purgatory (aaah so fabulous!), Are You My Mummy?, Wake Not The Dead, and Bride of Frankenstein. I absolutely love, love, love the rest, but these are the ones that nearly knocked me over when I swatched them even more so than usual ;)


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  2. Ahhhh!!! I love these :D I can't wait till mine come in!

  3. Right??? I love them :) But it's Fyrinnae, would you expect less? ;)

  4. YUM-ME!!! OMGsh!! I would adore these!! Great catch, awesome review!

  5. Thanks! This collection is fabulous!


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