Review & Swatch: Random Butter London Polishes

I am a huge butter LONDON fan! I first saw their polishes a few years ago and instantly fell in love. I pulled a few of my favorite butter LONDON polishes to swatch so that you can see how fabulous they are for yourself ;)

Color description (from butter LONDON): A tarnished, metallic olive gold, as mysterious and regal as its namesake.

Application/Opacity:  This was very easy to apply and 2 coats left it perfectly opaque. I love this for fall!

Wallis - Love it!!! Isn't it gorgeous? It looks even better in person, if you can believe it!

Primrose Hill Picnic
Color description (from butter LONDON): A happy, punchy, tropical, fuchsia pink. *I actually don't think it has enough of a blue undertone to be true fuchsia, but it's definitely a gorgeous pink!*

Application/Opacity: This went on super smooth and was almost completely opaque with 1 coat. 2 coats were perfection! I love pink polish ;) 

Primrose Hill Picnic - Oh my gosh so pretty! If you love pink I highly suggest this. Usually I buy a lot of hot pinks, but this is a lovely shade!

Chimney Sweep
Color description (from butter LONDON): A proper charcoal grey with a touch of a metallic finish. *This almost reminds me of a gun metal gray with micro-silver flecks*
Application/Opacity: This went on very easily and took 2 coats.

Chimney Sweep - So amazing! Not just a dark gray or black, this is so fabulous in my opinion.

Dolly Bird
Color description: Bright almost hot pink, a bit lighter than Primrose Hill Picnic.

Application/Opacity: This is as fabulous as the rest of the polishes when it comes to application. 2 coats does the job!

Dolly Bird - This is such a fun pink--one of my all-time favorites ;)

No More Waity, Katie
Color description (from butter LONDON): A soft, elegant greige shade with a splash of lilac glitter for the perfect marriage to combine fashion and fun.

Application/Opacity: I personally think this polish needs 3 coats in order to get the type of opacity I wanted, but you could definitely layer it! 
No More Waity, Katie - I think this is a great polish for someone that wants a more refined glitter. It has a very subtle look overall.

Old Blighty
Color description (from butter LONDON): A good, solid brick colour that lies between red and brown. *I would describe this as a rusty red.*

Application/Opacity: This went on just as well as the rest with 2 coats.

Old Blighty - This kind of reminds me of a vintage polish :) I love my reds!

Color description: This is kind of hard to describe, it's almost like an ivory, pearl with a slight silverish color to it. 

Application/Opacity: This is probably the "problem child" of the group, but I love the color anyway so I can't help but use it. This one applies a tad streaky and takes 3 coats to get it completely opaque.

Swinger - See what I mean? Definitely a unique color!

These retail at $14 per bottle and they're completely worth it!
Where to Buy
These can be picked up at Ulta, on or on butter LONDON's website HERE. butter LONDON's site definitely has the most variety and always has the newest collections/shades. Ulta is often limited, even the store. I suppose it depends on which shade you're looking for!  

Final Thoughts
I adore butter LONDON! Love, love, love their polishes. These are some of my favorites! I've got my eye on a few others I've been dying to get my hands on--the new holiday collection (see my overview HERE), Snog (MUST get my hands on this), Knees Up, Henley Regatta, Come to Bed Red, Chancer, Pillar Box Red, Rosie Lee, Diamond Geezer, Cream Tea, Jaffa, and Teddy Girl. I definitely suggest you check them out ;)

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