October Birchbox

I got my October Birchbox a few days ago, but had an issue with a couple of my products and wanted to get in contact with Birchbox prior to posting this. The issues were the following--1 of my products was covered in what looked like dried nail polish and the other was dented. I emailed Birchbox and didn't get a response a day later so I tried calling and spoke to a very sweet rep. She apologized and said that Birchbox has a strict policy regarding damaged products, which states they will replace them. Unfortunately, while they were able to replace my Blinc mascara, they could not replace my Pangea face mask so they credited me 100 Birchbox points (equivalent to $10). I thought they did a good job handling my issues once I was able to reach them.

Anyway, on to my October Birchbox...

The theme for this October was Prep & Finish, choosing products that help you with your beauty routine from start to finish.

Here's a list of the products I received. I have to admit, I wasn't super excited by any of the products I received as I've received the same types of products over and over for the last 2 months. I did speak with the rep I mentioned above and she gave the following advice (see my post on how to get more out of your Birchbox subscription).

Here's a shot of the actual products I received. You can see some of what was on my Pangea face mask (I scraped off some so you could see the label) and the dent was fortunately in the back of my Blinc mascara, so I was still able to photograph it from the front.

This was probably the only product I haven't received yet in a Birchbox, though I've seen quite a few others receive it in prior months (including my mother). I'm always looking for a new Holy Grail mascara, so I'll be interested to see how this works for me!

Does anyone else get a little thrill out of opening a tiny package within their Birchbox each month?

This bottle of Orofluido was in my tiny package. This is the 2nd or 3rd hair oil I've received since joining Birchbox. I do use hair oils on my hair (which is extremely thick and textured) so I'll give this a try, but I'd prefer not to receive another one in the coming months.

This was the second/final item in my little package. I believe this is the second or third similar lip product I've received. I'm interested to try this one given the fact that it doesn't include many of the ingredients I avoid, but it did feel a bit like a duplicate product.

I got a small tube of the Pangea Organics Facial Mask in this box (I got the Pangea facial cream with the last) and I'm looking forward to trying it, though hoping I don't receive another Pangea product for a while haha.You can see some of the stuff that was randomly on my product in this picture. I scraped some off so you could see the label better.

Though the packaging for the Pangea Organics Mask sample doesn't list ingredients, you can see a list of ingredients Pangea does not make a habit of using!

I thought these were a cute touch. I haven't tried them yet, but I like having mints on me and the tin is cute. I've seen them before, but never bought them.

Final Thoughts on October's Birchbox
I have enjoyed getting a box of samples every month, but I admittedly have been getting discouraged by the products I've received in the last few months. I've felt as though they were (at times) no bigger than samples you could get for free or for a couple dollars at the store. I've also seen a few repeat product types and brands. As I mentioned above, I brought this up during my conversation to the Birchbox rep and she had some advice on how I could potentially get better results from my subscription (see HERE). Am I going to continue my subscription? Yes, for now. I'm going to see what the rest of the year has in store for Birchbox and if, after taking the rep's advice on looking over my Birchbox profile a second time and changing a few things, I'm still not happy, I may not continue to subscribe to Birchbox in 2012. I guess we'll see! I'm hopeful that things will improve because I really do enjoy this service and I loved my Birchboxes in the beginning. I'm eager to feel as excited over boxes to come!

What about you? What did you get in your Birchbox and how do you like what you received?


  1. I'm still waiting on mine! LOL Boooo I'm always last!

  2. I got the exact same one as you. I dont know how I feel about my subscription anymore...too many dupes.

  3. @Mercedes I'm on the east coast, so we get ours earlier because we're closer to Birchbox, but hopefully yours gets there SOON!

    @This Passenger's Element I hear you. Did you read my post on getting more out of your subscription? There's a link above. A lot of people have said they went back in to their accounts and realized their settings weren't as they wanted them. Maybe give that a try if you're not ready to give up? I'm giving them until the end of the year now that I changed my settings. Fingers crossed! There are a few other subscription services I'm interested in as well that I'm considering trying.


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