Mistletoe and Mischief Holiday Giveaway - CLOSED

And the winner is .... Sarah Mercedes of Mercedes Makeup Blog!!!! Thank you to everyone else that entered :) I hope you continue to enjoy my blog and feel free to check out the holiday beauty gift (like secret Santa) swap I'm organizing - sign up ends December 1st!

To celebrate the holiday season and my 2011 gift giving guide for men and women I've been planning a pretty big giveaway for months. The prize is a fabulous (in my opinion) mixture of limited edition must-haves and holiday season staples. I think you'll be pretty excited about the items in this giveaway ;)

The Prize
 There's quite a few items as you can see. Each item has been carefully picked by me with the intention of putting it in my 2011 holiday giveaway. Here's what the prize for my holiday giveaway includes:
  • Whish Body Take Away Shave Set - 1.1 oz Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum, 1.1 oz Shave Crave shaving cream, 1.1 oz Shave Savour hair growth inhibitor. I did a review on this Whish Ingrown Hair Serum. ($25 retail)
  • Too Faced Liquid Lava Matte Eyeliner in Black - I've used this in a lot of my EOTDs ($16.50 retail)
  • PeaceKeeper Paint Me Eternal Clear Coat - I use this as a base in my nail swatches ($8 retail)
  • PeaceKeeper Exclusive Yum Glaze in Raspberry 14g - See my review HERE. ($14 retail)
  • China Glaze Platinum Pieces Crackle .5 fl oz ($6.99 retail)
  • Fyrinnae Chrome 3g loose eyeshadow - See my swatch HERE. ($5.90 retail)
  • Fyrinnae Pumpkinfire 3g loose eyeshadow - See my swatch HERE. ($5.90 retail)
  • Fyrinnae Nijiro 3g loose eyeshadow - See my swatch HERE. ($5.90 retail)
  • Fyrinnae Winter Again 3g loose eyeshadow - See my swatch HERE. ($5.90 retail)
  • Fyrinnae Madame and Eve's 3g loose eyeshadow - See my swatch HERE. ($6.35 retail)
  • Fyrinnae Sleepy Hollow 3g loose eyeshadow - See my swatch HERE  and EOTD. ($5.90 retail)
  • MAC Limited Edition Pink 4 Friday Lipstick 3g ($14.50 retail when it was sold on MAC's site, though it was only available for a few weeks last holiday season)
  • MAC Limited Edition Blending Brush #226 ($24.50 retail) 
I purchased all of these items personally for this giveaway and I love each and every one (yes, I was one of the crazies that jumped on MAC's site to get Pink Friday lipstick last holiday season and grabbed 2--1 for me and 1 for my future giveaway). When I thought about what I wanted to do for my big holiday/end of the year giveaway I instantly knew I didn't want to simply get the newest products on the market, I wanted to make the prize a gift from me to one lucky winner. If you follow my blog you know how much I love every company represented in this giveaway!

Who can enter?
This giveaway is open internationally to makeup lovers everywhere, though the nail polishes and Whish products will not be included in the prize if a makeup lover outside of the US wins due to customs--that's very important to keep in mind! 

Special Holiday Giveaway for Men: Hubs is having a holiday giveaway on his blog specifically for men! Women can enter to try to score some super fabulous products for their men, but it would be great if you encouraged the guys in your life to enter for themselves. Hubs' blog has fabulous product reviews from some of the hottest male-focused companies out there and many more to come. The Guys-Only Holiday Giveaway can be seen HERE.

How long will the giveaway go on for?
This giveaway starts Oct 1, 2011 and ends November 25, 2011, which as I'm sure you probably realize is the day after Thanksgiving aka Black Friday! So after you've spent the entire day running around like crazy through mobs of nutty shoppers trying to snatch up everything on your list, you can come home and see if you scored something for yourself! The winner will be announced some time after midnight.

How to Enter
Entering is simple, you know the drill! Remember, commenting below is not considered an entry, though I'd love to hear what you have to say!


  1. I love your blog! Your giveaway is amazing! I entered the second I read your post on Beautylish(:

  2. i just found your blog thanks to sugarpill on facebook, so gorgeous!

  3. Thanks so much! Glad you found it ;)

  4. Love it!! <3 so entering hehe
    i dont want man products! i want these hehe! <3

  5. To each his/her own! ;) Though I have to say, the men's products are high-end products as well! Good luck, I adore all of these products!

  6. I think that your giveaway is great! I love how you have tried the products yourself and taken care to describe them all. *crosses fingers*

    Oh! I and was one of the crazies constantly reloading my MAC page in different browsers to grab her lipstick too, lol. And I think it's awesome that your husband has a blog =)

  7. Thanks! Oh my gosh wasn't that nutty trying to get Pink Friday??? I placed two separate orders, 1 the first week, then 1 the last week because I tried every week in between and couldn't snatch a second up haha.

    Hubs' and I hated how there were barely any blogs for men out there so it was a shot in the dark for most men's products. He's actually gotten into it more than I thought he originally would and so many companies have been excited to see a male blogger. I love guys that take care of their skin, hair, etc. and don't think it's "too feminine" haha. He's pretty masculine so it's kind of funny ;)

  8. Good luck to all!

  9. Hi love your blog! I found you on Beautylish and have a blog on here as well!

    Keep up the great work!


  10. Thank you! Welcome, fellow beautylish-er ;)


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