How to get your hands on the MUFE Smoky Palette!

Since I first heard that the MUFE Smoky Palette would not be released in the US (I've been dying for this palette for months!), I've been obsessed with finding it and getting my hands on it. After hours of searching, phone calls, etc. I found a way!

Here's the deal, I went on all the international sites and none of them will ship to the US, however, STORES often will!

I went down the list of stores in Canada selling MUFE and finally got 1 with smoky palettes left. They were willing to ship to me in the US ( live in New England so not that far from the store in Quebec I purchased from in the grand scheme of things) for only $9.95--not that much more than if I'd ordered off the site. The exchange rate from the US to Canada is pennies different, but unfortunately the price of the palette is a bit steep at $55 dollars or so, but you either eat the tiny bit of extra and get the palette or you throw up your hands and refrain from purchasing. I couldn't do that, I had to have it haha.

Here's the list of stores in Canada that carry MUFE according to their site. If you really want this palette, call down the list and see if someone will ship it to you. I asked about the friends and family discount and they were kind enough to give me almost the equivalent of the discount on my order! I can't guarantee every store will do this, but it's worth a shot ;) I have a palette on its way to me as we speak YAY!

Good luck!

Stores in Canada that Carry Make Up For Ever
*In case you were wondering, the country code to call Canada is the same it is in the US 1

I couldn't copy and paste the list here (it didn't look right after I published) so here's the link to the list.

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