Getting Better Results from your Birchbox Subscription

I just received my October Birchbox (posting later today) and I wanted to do a quick post on some suggestions I just got from a Birchbox rep on how you can potentially receive more of the types of items you're interested in.

I had originally called because 2 of my products were damaged (read about it in my upcoming post--Birchbox did handle it quite appropriately) and while I was discussing my box with the lovely Birchbox rep (she was very sweet) I asked her how I could get things on a monthly basis that I enjoy more as I'd felt lately like I'd been getting the same things. I've seen a lot of other subscribers feel the same way, so this may be beneficial to you lovelies as well. The Birchbox rep had some really good advice!

The Birchbox rep went through my profile and noticed that I had clicked all of the Beauty Styles. I remember doing this when I first signed up because I was quite literally interested in all 4 styles. I tend to switch up my looks quite frequently and wanted to have a wide variety. I didn't realize I was making it less simple to pintpoint what I was actually interested in ;) The rep said that having more than 2 styles can be difficult for the Birchbox pickers that compile the boxes as they get a bit confused as to exactly what you're looking for. She also said that you should look at your beauty profile on a regular basis to check to make sure your options still fit what you're interested in. Also, they occasionally add new areas, like the "other special interests" section that the rep pointed out to me.

The long and the short of it is I went back through my profile and revamped my answers. I'm excited to see what my next Birchbox brings! Hopefully with these updates to my beauty profile I'll see some new things in my next box that really peak my interest :)

Have you looked at your beauty profile recently? Have you considered trying to narrow down what you're most interested in?


  1. Wow I'm glad you mentioned this, I just checked my profile and for some reason it said I was mother with young children...and I'm not LOL I know I didn't select that, weird! I had more than 2 styles checked too. We'll see if next month is better!

  2. Haha I swear some things were not as I left them, too! Who knows ;) Let's see what next month brings!

  3. Thanks for these tips! I also had a bunch of styles selected and decided to change what item I'd splurge on as I had selected "face cream" and my cupboard is now full of face cream samples. Can't wait to see what the small changes I made do. I was already pretty happy with my Birchbox subscription but wouldn't mind seeing something different.

    1. You're very welcome! I hope they make your Birchbox subscription even better ;)


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