Fyrinnae Shadows - List of newly discontinued shadows

I just read on the Fyrinnae blog that a few shadow shades will no longer be available due to their age, lack of popularity, or the fact that the main pigments were discontinued by the manufacturer.

Those colors are:
  • Dark Magik, introduced in 2006
  • Delvian,  2009
  • Fujiro, 2005
  • Montalivet, 2007
  • STFU, 2009
  • Njordr, 2007
  • Princess of Darkness, 2009
  • Ravens & Writing Desks, 2009
  • Sennyo, 2007
  • Valhalla, 2006
  • Pure Sugar, 2005
  • Victorian Vamp, 2006

I'm glad I got a few of these before they were discontinued. It stinks that companies are at the whim of pigment manufacturers, but what can they do? According to the same post, Dark Magik may return if they can get it to stop flashing bronze.

So there you have! Just wanted to update you all since you know how much I love Fyrinnae and encourage my loose-shadow-loving readers to give them a shot ;)

Also, they're hard at work over at Fyrinnae trying to get all orders through Oct 3rd out by tomorrow! I know mine shipped today (placed it a week ago I think). So if you recently ordered keep your eyes peeled for a delivery soon!

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