Battlefield 3 Beta Review

I signed up for the open beta review of battlefield 3 the day it came out on Xbox, which is running till 10/10/11. Go download it quickly if you haven't already1  So far I have logged about three hours of actual play time and have gone from a level one to a level four private, unlocking two new guns, one new scope and one sprinter perk.  My initial thoughts are that the colors were very vibrant and that the maps are enormous!  As far as game play, I personally had to move closer to the flat screen to be able to see what was happening (this might be different in the actual game since this is after all, just the beta).

Once I was able to figure out the controls on the remote it was a bit more enjoyable to play. I have not used any of the new vehicles since they don't seem to be available on the beta version, but I am looking forward to flying the helicopters and jets that you can see listed along with what looks like a tank.  I think they really might be onto something with the new technology (frostbite 2) that they are using to make the maps far bigger and capable of handling such advance graphic.

You can pre-order the game before it comes out on 10/25/1--here is the link http://www.battlefield.co/battlefield3. I do not have any screenshots at this time because you have to agree not to take images of your screen when you sign up for this beta version, but maybe once the game comes out I can get a few. I am definitely going to pre-order my copy ASAP. This game seems to be worth buying.

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