Stila Holiday Collection 2011 - Dream in Full Color

I saw a preview of the Stila holiday collection 2011 not too long ago and completely forgot about it, then of course this morning Stila sent out an email announcing the collection again so I thought I'd do a brief post on my initial thoughts of this holiday collection.

The collection consists of 2 paletts (1 large, 1 small), a holiday lip glaze collection, and a set of brushes. In comparison with the smokey palettes coming out for fall and what I've heard of other winter holiday collections, I feel as though the palettes are a bit lackluster. The large palette has a few deeper shades in the middle and several metallics, but the majority of it looks as thought it's just neutrals and super light colors. I'm all for frosty looks, but I feel as though there's no "wow" factor. The small one has a bit more color, but it looks almost Easter-ish to me, not so winter-ish. Again, nothing jumps out at me. The brush set might be appealing to someone just beginning to build their collection or needing to replace old brushes, and if the quality is good $28 for 5 brushes isn't bad. The lip glaze set isn't blowing me away, but I think all of the shades are great and I'll probably grab it later on because I'm addicted to lip products ... seriously, it's as much a problem as my eyeshadow obsession!

Maybe my expectations are too high, but I always hope holiday collections will blow my socks off since it's such an exciting part of the year and for such a short period of time. Maybe if I see these in person I'll feel differently, but I kind of doubt it. I think these palettes would be great for someone like one of my sisters who prefers faint hints of color as opposed full-on craziness. Again, this is simply my initial impression and I'm sure there will be many who love it! I'm eager to see the full holiday collections for a few other companies and I'll be sure to post as soon as I do.

These image were borrowed from Stila's website:

Dream in Full Color Palette