Spotlight: Honey Bee Holistics Lotion

I've been on the hunt for a fabulous, natural or organic lotion since fall is basically here in New England and the cool weather (which I love) dries out my skin like mad. I decided I wanted to look for some handmade products because I love supporting small businesses and find that often the ingredients are better quality, the products are more inspired, and customer service is far more personal. I contacted quite a few different sellers on Etsy, asking about ingredients, individual products, etc. Honey Bee Holistics is one Etsy shop that stood out to me from the beginning.

Honey Bee Holistics packaging
Purchasing & Packaging

To begin, the ingredients are phenomenal! You all know how much I love organic and natural ingredients and how much I despite things like silicone/silicon and "fragrance". Honey Bee Holistics has managed to create some absolutely lovely products without the use of any of this gunk! I messaged back and forth with the owner of Honey Bee Holistics, Melissa, a few times and she was absolutely lovely and quite helpful. I purchased smaller jars of 3 of the lotion scents she offered that I thought would appeal most to me. I purchased on September 10th and received my order today! That's pretty fast!

After removing the shipping packaging, I was really impressed with how branded everything was. I love when smaller companies put forth the extra effort to really make their packaging their own. The lotions were packaged in a slim cardboard box, which I realized after opening was actually a recycled and re-folded box from something else! Points for being eco-friendly! It was stamped with the company's logo--love it.

This little packet was attached to the box.
This was inside the little packet - a handwritten note, business cards, sample of lime lip balm (how did she know I adore lime?), and a little bundle of other suggested companies' business cards. I think it's great that Melissa promotes other small businesses as well!

First Impression

 Each cute little jar was wrapped in a wax bag stamped with the company's logo. I love little things like that!

It's the little things!
These are the 3 Honey Bee Holistics lotions I purchased - Organic Coconut, Organic Sugar Cookie, and Organic Lemon Creme.

 I tried them out as soon as I got them and had to share these products with you. I have to admit, I am super, super picky about scents so keep this in mind as you read my review ;) Also, I made sure to clear my nose of the scent of each lotion I smelled before moving on to the next with some handy coffee beans at my side. This is an old trick I learned from a friend that worked at a boutique candle store years ago!

The Lotions

Organic Coconut Lotion
I chose the Organic Coconut Lotion because I absolutely love coconut, but real coconut, not synthetic. If you're like me, this is to die for!

The scent is the perfect fresh coconut smell, not chemically or synthetic smelling. It is lovely and one you put it on it's not super overpowering, but the smell of fresh coconut definitely lingers, which I love!

This lotion is thick and luxurious, spreads beautifully, and melts into your skin perfectly! I was delighted by how fabulous this lotion felt going on.

Organic Coconut Lotion - Look how fabulous luxe that looks!

The ingredients are fabulous from beginning to end! I'm not sure they could get any better ;)

Organic Coconut Lotion ingredients

Hydrating Factor
I would rate this a 5/5 when it comes to hydrating. My skin was instantly softer right after application.  

Organic Lemon Creme Lotion
The second lotion I chose was the Organic Lemon Creme. I love, love, love lemon. It is one of my favorite scents. When I was pregnant with both of my sons I had (among a whole slew of other medical issues) hyperemesis gravidarum and the only thing that gave me the slightest relief from the nausea (other than my meds) was the scent of real lemons. I guess my love for lemon has increased by a million as a result!

The lemon scent in this lotion is very pleasant and not super overpowering. It actually almost reminds me of fresh lemonade because I smell a tiny hint of sweetness mingled with the citrus, which I think is lovely and fresh. If you're a fan of lemon or citrus in general this is a great smell!

The consistency of the Organic Lemon Creme lotion was identical to the Organic Coconut lotion--super silky, thick, and wonderfully softening.

Organic Lemon Creme lotion - So lovely and lemony!

Like the Organic Coconut lotion the ingredients of the Organic Lemon Creme lotion were just as fabulously natural and healthy!

Organic Lemon Creme ingredients

Hydrating Factor
This was just as beautifully moisturizing. I can't say enough. Instantly softening! Definitely a 5/5!

Organic Sugar Cookie Lotion
I don't know why, but I love lotions that smell like yummy foods! Sugar cookies remind me of the holidays so I scooped this one up as soon as I saw it.

The scent of the Organic Sugar Cookie lotion has a subtle sugar cookie smell. I would say there's a touch of vanilla and something else that really does make it smell a bit like a sugar cookie. The scent is subtle, though. If you're depending on this lotion to be your fragrance for the day, this might not be strong enough. I personally appreciate the fact that the vanilla isn't overpowering because I tend to have a love/hate relationship with vanilla, but natural vanilla is always a welcome smell to me. This is definitely more subtly scented than the Organic Coconut lotion and Organic Lemon Creme lotion.

This lotion was just as lovely as the other two. I still can't get over how well it smooths right in, my skin soaked it right up!

Organic Sugar Cookie Lotion - Doesn't that look like sugar cookie dough?! Almost good enough to eat!
This lotion, like the other 2, has fabulously natural ingredients, no dyes, no silicone/silicon, etc. Love it!

Organic Sugar Cookie Ingredients

Hydrating Factor
This one was just as wonderful as the others. So amazing! Another 5/5!

There are a few different sizes offers by Honey Bee Holistics. The sizes and prices are as follows:

small 1.5oz - $2.75
medium 3oz - $4.50
large 8oz - $10.75

Final Thoughts
Overall, I am smitten! I can't say enough about the performance, ingredients, etc. They are all amazing! Definitely a moisturizing staple this fall and winter. Needless to say, I am incredibly impressed!

Honey Bee Holistics offers a number of other scents and products on Etsy as well as their website, which is

Melissa, from one work-at-home mom to another, keep up the good work!

These products were purchased by me for review. All opinions stated above are based on my personal experience.


  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! I searched for reviews on my business & found it! I am so happy you are enjoying the lotions so much☺
    Many Thanks,
    Honey Bee Holistics

  2. You're welcome! They are fabulous, even my little guys and husband like the way they feel ;) I'm looking forward to purchasing some again!

  3. I am a big fan of this shop,
    and I totally agree with this fabulous review! :D

  4. Oooh! Just hopped on the shop and saw that pumpkin soap is on the way. I hope there will be pumpkin lotion! I have a serious pumpkin-obsession!!!!

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