Spotlight: Fyrinnae Swatches (Picture Heavy)

It's no secret I love Fyrinnae! The last time the site went up I quickly snatched up a few of the shadows I'd sampled in the past along with some new ones I'd been dying to get my hands on. My kids have been sick and I've got a touch of whatever they have, but I wanted to get this up for you guys because Fyrinnae's site says it'll be back up after September 20th! Just in case you're interested in purchasing from Fyrinnae, you can see some of the ones I purchased that I love.

I'm not going to get into the performance of each individual one as I love every single one mentioned here and find they all function similarly, with the exception of a couple of them. I tend to use a wet brush to foil them and not use a sticky base, but I've used several loose shadow glues in the past as well with the same success. The reason I tend not to use sticky shadow "glues" is that they often have a form of silicone/silicon in them, which I try to stay away from.

You can click on any of the images in this post to get a closer view!

Group Shadow Shots

Here's my order all wrapped up!
Here are all of the shades I purchased (yes I am a total dork and forgot to turn the labels all in the same direction after I unwrapped them). I purchased 2 samples of Faerie Glamour for a special purchase ;)
First and Second Rows. Top row (left to right): Otherworld, Pumpkinfire, Marshmallow Puffs. Second row (left to right): Fyre & Ice, Druid Werewolf, Winter Again
Third and Fourth Rows. Top row (left to right): We're All Mad Here, Nijiro, Sleepy Hollow. Second row (left to right): Banana Mochi, Faerie Glamour, Curioser and Curioser.
Fifth Row (left to right): Madame & Eve, Faerie Glamour, Dark Magik.

Here are all of the shadows I purchased in the same order but with a view from the top while open.
First and Second Rows Open View. First row (left to right): Otherworld, Pumpkinfire, Marshmallow Puffs. Second row (left to right): Fyre & Ice, Druid Werewolf, Winter Again.
Third and Fourth Rows Open View. Top row (left to right): We're All Mad Here, Nijiro, Sleepy Hollow. Bottom row (left to right): Banana Mochi, Faerie Glamour, Curiouser and Curiouser.
Fifth Row Open View (left to right): Dark Magik, Faerie Glamour, Madame & Eve.

Individual Fyrinnae Shadow Views & Descriptions

Otherworld - A lovely minty green with a frosty flash.
Pumpkinfire - A black base with fiery sparkle. Love it and definitely a great fall shadow in my opinion!
Marshmallow Puffs - Pure white, this shadow is not shimmery, but has the slightest pearl finish.
Fyre & Ice - Black base with pretty pink, purple, and green glitter. I think the sparkles give it a feminine twist.
Druid Werewolf - A lovely golden light brown, this is a great neutral!
Winter Again - A white duochrome with a frosty, light blue flash. I love this and have used it in EOTDs before!
We're All Mad Here - A shimmery acid green. Love it!
Nijiro - A super light, neutral beige (almost ivory) with flecks of multi-colored glitter. I absolutely love this shadow because it is the perfect neutral for someone that wants a little something extra!
Sleepy Hollow - This slightly darker blue chock full of green sparkles. I used this in my Flash Mermaid EOTD.
Banana Mochi - A medium yellow with a dash of gold glitter. I couldn't capture the gold in my pictures, it is very subtle. This is definitely not a super bright yellow, but definitely a nice creamy, pigmented yellow.
Faerie Glamour - Lavender with an aqua shimmer.
Curiouser and Curiouser - This is a bright mid-tone blue with flashy light green shimmer. This shadow is definitely lighter than Sleep Hollow, but both are gorgeous and worth owning!
Dark Magik - A lovely wine color with blue glitter. It was very hard to catch the blue, but this color is seriously lovely and perfect for fall!
Madame & Eve - The base is kind of a slate gray with an explosion of multi-colored sparkle. This is so darn fabulous I couldn't even capture how amazing it is!
Final Thoughts
If you haven't tried Fyrinnae yet and you're not opposed to loose shadows, you have got to purchase at least a couple! Fyrinnae offers both full-size and sample size. This order mainly consisted of full-size shadows, but Fyrinnae will allow you to purchase up to 20 samples at one time. Samples typically cost $2 a piece. I suggest purchasing a bunch of samples if you're interested in colors and full-sizes if you fall in love. Fyrinnae does discontinue some of their shadows occasionally so if you're in love with a color you don't want to risk never being able to grab it again.

Fyrinnae shadows perform best if they're foiled or patted onto a sticky shadow base made for loose, glittery shadows. Fyrinnae shadows should not be swiped on, always patted! They are blendable in my opinion, but I think it takes a little practice if you don't typically wear loose shadows.

The average cost of full-size shadows ranges from $6.35 (Arcane Magic shadows) to $5.90.  You can purchase Fyrinnae shadows on their site at, but the site currently says the store is closed through the 20th of September. If you're interested in purchasing from Fyrinnae you have to watch the site constantly. It goes up and down in the blink of an eye because they're so flooded with orders every time they're back up. Do yourself a favor and create an account now, create a wishlist, the purchase from it the second the site goes back up. Trust me, it's one of the only ways to order from Fyrinnae sometimes ;) 

In short, I love Fyrinnae and if you love vibrant, bold, craziness when it comes to shadows you will, too!


  1. Very pigmented, seems like they would be great =)

  2. I love you so damn much, just haven't been able to wear my fyrinnae yet...maybe this weekend...

  3. Ooooh fun! My favorite way to wear them is foiled with a light dusting patted over. Foiling works well at making these shadows stay put and the light dusting let's you keep all the sparkle (and there's always plenty)! Take pictures ;)

  4. Victoria Davis10:27 AM

    Judging from the pictures, it is a cool product. I write reviews on edubirdie and this post will be useful.


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