Spotlight: Fight Club Soap. The perfect gift for any guy!

I was browsing through Etsy the other day and stumbled upon Clean JellyBean. One of their products immediately caught my eye as the perfect gift for Hubs and/or one of my brothers. It was...

That's right, movie lovers! That is Fight Club soap!!!!

I'm a big fan of movies from all genres, though I tend to not watch too many sappy chick flicks. I'm more of a psychological thriller, action, scifi (quality, not just anything) kind of chick. If you have a guy in your life, odds are he's watched Fight Club. And if he's watched Fight Club, there's a good chance he secretly (or openly) wanted to be a part of the club deep down!

I thought this soap was so great, especially since so many soap products tend to be made to appeal to women. This is masculine from start to finish! The owner, Care', originally began creating homemade soaps because her son was very sensitive to many products and she found she was able to create some super effective soaps and lotions that kept her little one soft, allergy-free, and smelling lovely. Now she creates some absolutely lovely products in addition to these fun little bars!

I purchased two colors/scents--pink (leather) and blue (Cool Water). She also offers green (Drakkar) and brown (tobacco and caramel). All of the soaps are vegan except brown, which includes honey in the formula.

Left to right: Cool Water and Leather scent in 3oz bars
Cool Water Ingredients
Leather Ingredients
First Impression
I didn't tel Hubs about these when I bought them because I wanted them to be a surprise. When I had him open them he got a serious kick out of the bars and wanted to open them immediately to smell them. He ended up bringing the leather one in to work to show his co-workers!

He loved the way Cool Water smelled, and was really surprised by how genuine the leather scent was for the pink one. He said it smelled just like real leather, not a fake leather scent. His favorite was the blue bar as far as smelling the scent on himself, but he didn't dislike the pink bar's leather scent by any means. I think he was just so shocked by how much it really smelled like leather! I smelled both of them. I was just as shocked by how much like leather the pink bar smelled. The Cool Water smells like the cologne.

Hubs tried the blue bar in the shower and said it lathered well and had really great slip to it. He liked it overall!

These sell for $3 a piece per 3oz bar on etsy. Just in the brief time I was looking at the site I watched a few of the bars sell, so I messaged the owner of Clean JellyBean and she was lovely enough to do a listing for me so that I could purchase these two. So even if you don't see them on etsy, message the lovely owner and see if you can get your hands on some of these!

Where to Purchase
You can view and purchase these awesome bars of soap on Clean JellyBean's etsy store.  

Final Thoughts
Hubs and I are still so amused by these, I plan to purchase more for gifts closer to the holidays!

Birthday, holiday, or just because, if there's a man in your life odds are he'd get a little thrill from being an unofficial Fight Club member. And hey, no hideous burn to haze your way in either ;) Nothing but clean fun!

Hubs will be doing a review from his perspective on this soap in his soon-to-launch blog Operation Grooming, which will be linked to the All Things Male tab at the top in the next few days!

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