Sneak Peak: Zoya Gems & Jewels Holiday 2011

I just popped onto AllLacqueredUp.com (a regular polish blog favorite of mine) and saw that Michelle, the fabulous founder, just posted about Zoya's holiday collection!

I am seriously looking forward to it! I think the solid colors are a tad predictable, but the glitters add a little surprise that I'm sure many of you will be scooping up for some extra nail pizzazz. I'm generally not a huge fan of glitter, but I have always liked the longer strands of tinsel-like glitter a bit. I know my glitter-loving sister is going to be all over these. Hmmm ... possible Christmas present? Perhaps ;)

Can't wait until these are released! Makes me want to bake our traditional Christmas sugar cookies and have a cup of hot cider :)

You can read about these lovely polishes on All Lacquered Up.

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