Review: Votre Vu Eye Beauty Balm

I was recently given the opportunity to try Votre Vu Eye Beauty Balm--my first encounter with Votre Vu! As I grow closer to 30, I've noticed I'm  becoming increasingly concerned with the health of the skin on and around my eyes. I've been wearing eye makeup daily for at least 12 years and while I've tried to be careful, I know my eyes have taken a little bit of a beating.

At First Glance
Packaging: I strongly prefer glass jars over plastic for a number of different reasons (especially the fact that they don't leech chemicals into the products they hold), so I was really glad to see that this product came in a lovely glass jar!

Scent: This product has a very light fragrance that's a mixture of citrus and floral in my opinion.

Application: This balm glides right onto your skin and melts in like a dream! It didn't absorb completely into my lids, and did leave them feeling a bit slick. I have a very small bit of oiliness to my lids naturally, but not much at all and I'd consider my skin in general to be combination/normal.  Keep in mind, I wouldn't be able to apply this to my eyes and then put my eyeshadow on without it creasing. If you have drier skin it may actually absorb completely.


Claim v. Reality
Claim (pulled from press materials for this product):  
"Rehabilitating mature aging skin around the delicate eye area, this corrective and emollient balm is a highly effective combination of luxe ingredients specifically formulated to counter the three prominent signs of aging – moisture loss, collagen breakdown, and free radical damage. Calendula oil, a natural anti-inflammatory, is added to reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness while orange oil improves the appearance of the delicate skin around the eyes and helps correct age-related damage. Jojoba oil and Vitamin E protect the delicate skin from environmental stresses and support the restructuring of the tissue. A super anti-aging agent at your call – Lucky You!"

Here's the Reality: I was genuinely shocked by how improved my lids and skin around my eyes felt after just one night! This literally left my skin supple and dewy. I didn't realize how tired and "old" the skin felt before. I have rarely come across an eye cream, gel, lotion, etc. that's made a huge difference, and definitely not one that's made such a noticeable difference over night. I was impressed. 

Major Pros or Cons
  • Pro - Effective! This really made a huge difference on my lids and the skin around my eyes with just one application over night.
  • Pro -  Fabulous ingredients. This product has some of my favorite ingredients including beeswax, natural oils, and Calendula extract.
  • Pro - Versatile. Votre Vu Eye Beauty Balm can also be used to soften problem areas such as elbows, knees, and heels.
  • Pro/Con - Price. The price per jar is $49. This is more expensive than popular drugstore brands, but more affordable than many high-end products. It depends on your budget as to whether this price is a pro or con.
  • Con - This product, to my dismay, includes parabens. If you follow my blog, you know I try to avoid products with parabens, pthalates, silicone, etc. I do use some products that I can't seem to do without that include these products on occasion, but not regularly.
Overall Impression
Votre Vu Eye Beauty Balm is a probably one of the most effective eye products I've ever tried when it comes to moisturizing and revitalizing. I love so many of the ingredients, it makes me sad that this product includes parabens. 

The price for a .24 fl oz jar is $49 retail. 

Where to Buy
You can purchase Votre Vu Eye Beauty Balm from their site HERE.  

Would I recommend it or use it again?
I may use it occasionally when I think my eyes need a special little boost, but because of the presence of parabens I personally wouldn't use it daily. I would definitely suggest this to a beauty fanatic looking for a great eye product that doesn't mind parabens. I would also suggest this to someone like myself that tries to avoid them, but makes exceptions on occasion with full disclosure that this product includes parabens. It's really a personal choice. Bottom line, this is a fantastically effective product and it's up to you whether or not one ingredient prevents you from trying it!

This product was provided for review by PR.  



  1. Pamela J Fatone9:40 PM

    I would like to ask, if not paraben, what is in your products to keep out bacterias form growing? If there is something new I would like to research it.
    As far as the $$ price, it will last for months, as you use very little with each application.
    I am a NY State Licensed Esthetician, so I truly am interested in what you know is better than parabens to keep bacteria away from users.

    Thanks you for a nice review on the Luxee Yeus.

  2. Pamela Fatone9:49 PM

    PS from the Esthetician in me, DO NOT apply to your lids, You should never apply any product directly on yor lids. You risk causing swelling and I do not think you want that to happen.The skin is so very thin, it is not meantt be covered with products. If dryness persists, PLease go see a dermatologist about that. We are only to apply eye products on the orbital bone that sits under the eye, all eye treatments WILL travel upwards and if you apply to close to the eye, it will get in the eye. From the outer corner towrds the eye is how you put on eye treatments with your ring finger ( it has the least amount of muscle so its gentle and will not pull the skin)
    Regards, Pamela

  3. Great question! To begin, when you have a product that is wax-based there isn't typically water mixed into the product so bacteria will not grow unless water is introduced by the user. For example, plenty of companies make salves, ointments, lip balm, etc. without chemical preservatives. That's also why natural oil products don't have anti-bacterial preservatives, but antioxidants (vitamin E, rosemary extract, etc.) to keep oils fresher longer.

    Some examples of great natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal ingredients can be tea tree oil, honey, organic alcohol, salt, etc.). My favorite products/companies are ones that focus on using these ingredients instead of things like parabens. There are so many questionable studies about parabens, for me personally I don't feel it's worth the risk in most cases. I don't think that needs to be the case for everyone, I think everyone should make the choice for themselves. All I can say is that I use lotions, body balms, lip balms, body oils, etc. without parabens and have very sensitive skin due to my allergies so if mold (super allergic to mold) or a good amount of bacteria ended up in my products I would most likely notice it. Feel free to ask any other questions, I love talking about all of this!

    If you're interested in some companies I personally trust that are paraben-free, I can definitely suggest some for you to check out for yourself if you're interested! Weleda would most certainly be #1 for skincare. I did a review on one of their amazing moisturizers. Origins has many paraben-free skin products as well. I love some of their moisturizers as well. Thanks for commenting ;)

  4. Thanks for the tip! I've never heard it. To be clear, the instructions on this product (see the link above under Where to Buy) as well as other products I've used is to gently apply it to your lid with your ring finger, which exudes the least amount of force. Whether you choose to follow these instructions is your own decision. I've never experienced swelling of any kind from applying products I trust to my lids and just had a conversation on Beautylish about drugstore and prescription things we use on our lids. Either way, I think people should decide for themselves, but all advice is welcome :)


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