Review: Barc Bump Down Lotion

Barc Bump Down Lotion
I was recently given the opportunity to review several of Barc's products. Barc is a skin care company that focuses exclusively on men's skin care. Their goal is to create products that are effective, yet gentle enough that the woman in your life could borrow them. 

Barc Bump Down Lotion is an alcohol-free, unscented repair and relief lotion that helps prevent and treat razor burn as well as prevents ingrown hairs. Now, I have used similar products a million times in the past and usually if they work, they leaves my neck feeling kind of dry.  I am just gonna throw this out there right now--this product is amazing!  

Barc Bump Down Lotion Ingredients & Instructions
I used Barc Bump Down Lotion right after shaving because I still had a bit of a rash from the last time I shaved. I have very sensitive skin on my neck and very thick, course hair, so my neck is often irritated and I've found very little works for me. Now be warned, on the bottle it will tell you that its is gonna burn at first and it sure does. But, it doesn't last that long and after--WOW--your neck will feel amazing!

Men’s Skin Care & Shaving Product
Brief Intensity of Burn After Application
Overall Effectiveness
Skin Irritation  After Use
Overall Score (Highest Being 5)
Barc – Bump Down Lotion
On a scale of 1-5 (1 being a little, 5 being a lot). 0 means it did not do this at all.

There are several different sizes available:

1.7 oz travel size - $12
3.4 oz - $22

Where to Buy
Barc Bump Down Lotion can be purchased on their site HERE.   

This product was provided for review by Barc. 


  1. I definitely need to get this for my husband to try, he gets them all the time

  2. Rachel Ruggeri5:29 AM

    I think that companies expanding internationally should care about such products as mentioned in this article. The quality is always important for the international buyers.


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