MAC Pro Store Associate Epic Fail!

So the long and the short of it is that I purchased MAC's 226 brush the day it was released along with a few other things. When I got it home and took it out of the bag I quickly realized that the brush was insanely dome shaped and not tapered. This is literally described as a small, tapered blending brush btw. I called MAC and was told that I could send it in for a refund, but that they don't have any of the limited edition brushes on hand. I decided I wasn't willing to give up this brush (non-tapered or not) until I knew I could replace it. They gave me the number of the NY MAC Pro store and suggested I call them first as they get quite a lot of inventory.

I called and spoke with this delightful MAC Pro Store sales associate, asking if they had any in stock. She said no and then suggested they'd get more in. I told her I was surprised since it was released as a limited edition with MAC Me Over. She told me I was wrong and that I must have been thinking of 224. I told her I knew 224 was a regular on the site and in the store and that 226 was released occasionally with LE collections. She again told me I was wrong.

I was pretty surprised by this. I politely insisted that it was limited edition and told her I'd had a huge discussion with a sales girl at my local MAC store when I purchased it about 226 as well as the other brushes released with MAC Me Over. She pulled the phone from her ear and yelled to another sales person, "Is 226 a re-release?"

I could hear the other plainly say, "Yes."

She turned back to the phone and said, "I guess it is, but they must have tweaked it."

At this point I was kind of too astonished to say much else, so I thanked her (for an interesting convo?) and hung up.

I'm sorry, but I would assume that every MAC sales associate working in a MAC retail store would know the products inside and out. I've worked in beauty retail a long time ago--you know what your store carries especially if it's a new release or limited edition. What blows me away, is that this was a chick in the NY Pro store! Could she have been brand new? Sure, but many of us don't work for MAC and we're well aware of the fact that 226 is now a limited release brush that surfaces with the occasional LE collection. Am I nuts here?

In my book this is an epic fail!


  1. HAHA no, you aren't nuts. This happens to me ALL the time!!!! Thats why I wonder if maybe I should work at a makeup counter just for fun!!! Many of the workers have NO idea what is coming out and when. Don't they LOVE makeup? I would think they would be like "us freaks" on here reseaching all the time haha

  2. I don't know! When I worked in cosmetics it was required that I knew everything about everything. Hubs and I have a theory (since we both worked in retail at one point) that customer service is nothing like it used to be when it comes to training or expectations.


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