Lazy Makeup Habits Confession

When I was in my teens I had this horrible habit of sleeping in my makeup and then removing it when I took a shower the next morning. I even remember a few distinct instances where I pulled all-nighters only to reapply liner, eyeshadow, and mascara over my existing makeup from the previous day before running back out the door. The horror! ;) It was an awful habit and I didn't break it until I was around 21. Now that I'm close to 30, I can't imagine going to bed with my eyes all done up! Do I still go to sleep occasionally with some eyeliner or mascara on? Sometimes, but not very often and definitely not when I'm wearing eyeshadow (which is almost always). I am a work-at-home mom of 2, after all. Sometimes I'm lucky I make it to bed rather than passing out in the hallway on my way to my bedroom!

I think sometimes we get stuck in lazy habit ruts and can't get out of them, no matter what common sense tells us. I think the threat of being a bit older than I was before and not wanting to destroy my skin and lashes is enough motivation for me to put in the extra effort now, but when I was much younger I didn't feel much of a push to stop.

Do you have any lazy makeup habits you just can't kick?

Do you wait as long as possible before cleaning your brushes? You leave your makeup out all over your bathroom counters in a cluttered mess? Do you still sleep with your makeup on?

I would say I have one lazy makeup habit left, which is not replacing my eyelash curler pads or eyelash curler as soon as I need to. I'm not sure why I do this, but I literally use the same eyelash curler pads until they have a pretty deep depression in them. Granted I clean them off every time I use them, it's still a weird lazy makeup habit I can't seem to kick. I am on the hunt for the perfect eyelash curler, however, so perhaps I'll be replacing it sooner than I normally would this time around ;)

What about you?

On a side note, I'll be doing some posts soon on recent purchases I've made. Things have been pretty hectic on my end with some crazy family emergencies and life in general. Never a dull moment, but I promise I'll have some fun stuff to discuss soon going up!

Have a good night makeup lovers!

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