Fyrinnae's site is up! Plus some Fyrinnae suggestions ;)

Update (9/8/11) Just received word from the lovely Perilously Pale that the site now says it's closed. I'd like to say I'm surprised, but this is typical of what I've experienced with Fyrinnae. the second the site goes up you have to get your order in ASAP because I've seen it go down in hours at times! One way you can make this a little less miserable is to create an account on the Fyrinnae site and make a wishlist. This way, the second it goes up it takes less time to put your order through. Obviously you don't have to shop with them this way, but it really does make it easier to buy these amazing shadows from this nutty company ;) Sorry for any weird typos, I'm updating from my DROID while I wait at my son's school for pickup. Oh the joys! If you've been dying to buy Fyrinnae keep tabs on my blog, I check the site frequently and will blog the second I see the site got back up! Good luck!

I just checked Fyrinnae's site and it seems fully functional and there's no message stating they're on a break filling orders, so hopefully if you've been wanting to purchase from them you can zoom over and snatch up some shadows! I love Fyrinnae. They have one of the most eclectic, multi-dimensional collection of shadows I've seen ever!

Shadows I suggest:

My favorite blue is Sleep Hollow, which I used in this look HERE.

If you're looking for a neutral with a twist try Nijiro

If you want a fabulous fall orangy-copper over brown try Fire Opal (looks somewhat like swatch pics, nothing like loose pic)

If you're like me and have to have every funky green you see try OMGWTF

For a gorgeous vibrant, mid-tone blue with green shimmer try Curiouser and Curiouser

And for a unique addition to your collection try either Catrina Cabaret (deep gray with a slight blue-tint with vibrant lavender sparkle) or Madame & Eve (chocolate brown with crazy iridescent sparkle)

My list could go on and on, but here's just a few I absolutely love off the top of my head! Basically anything you purchase from Fyrinnae is a win in my opinion ;)

The pics on the site don't do them justice, but they are hard to capture. I would do a bunch of swatches if I had the energy, but my back is really bothering me today because of the weather (I've had arthritis since I was 16).


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    I ordered some samples during the... one hour? window that they were open today. It's crazy! Not even a full day...*shakes head* Better be worth it. :/

  2. If you don't mind loose shadows and you like the swatches I've posted (listed under my swatch and review tab) you won't be disapppointed ;) Yes, the site is a bit of a headache, but nobody makes shadows quite like theirs so I think it's worth it. Their site gets FLOODED with orders whenever they're up, so it's great that you managed to slip in:) Hope you like yours!


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