Nail Polish Lust with a Bieber Twist

Warning: Bits of rambling in this post! Sorry ahead of time that I am so rambly. What is wrong me? :)

Before I hit my 20s I would say I was in LOVE with nail polish in addition to all of my favorite cosmetics. I wore every color possible. I remember that was one thing my parents didn't have rules about, unlike makeup on my face, which I wasn't allowed to wear out of the house as fully as I wanted to until I hit around 14. Anyway, I had a pretty impressive collection of polishes. I even had these super fun ones that were lightly tinted and had glitter and a SCENT that I'd picked up on one of our family trips to Hawaii. Loved those.

As I've gotten older, for some reason I started to lean more towards french manicures on my fingers, and crazy, wildness on my toes. It wasn't intentional or conscious, just this weird shift I made. I've been finding myself more and more looking for colors that jump out at me and make me thing--oh my gosh that would look amazing on my hands. I usually think--oh my gosh that would be so hot on my toes! Anyway, I have a much younger sister (well actually quite a few much younger siblings since I'm the oldest of 8 and my parents weren't going to have any more after my younger brother then 7 years later *BOOM* 6 more kids), and this one in particular is interested in makeup and cosmetics the way I was at her age. She has inherited quite an impressive selection of makeup from me (MAC to Too Faced and everything in between) and I always tend to get her makeup-related gifts at her birthday and Christmas to increase her collection.

Anyway, she is in that stage where she LOVES nail polish. The wackier the better. She's into crazy colors on multiple fingers and even panting adorable little designs or pictures on her nails. She's quite artistic. She babysits for me when the hubs and I go out and since we're old and crotchety (not really but I guess I'm kind of boring compared to what I was in my early 20's haha) we went out recently and ended up at Target after eating and getting coffee. We had intended to see the new Harry Potter but it was beyond full and I hate crowded theaters (I have bad claustrophobia I push through and it usually goes unnoticed, but that kind of bothers me). So there we were at Target and there I was making my poor husband go up and down every aisle in the beauty section, to his quiet dismay. I don't buy a lot of "drugstore makeup". This is largely due to the fact that I'm super picky about ingredients and I have fairly sensitive skin. I've just not find much that A. works well B. has all natural or mostly natural ingredients and C. works as well as my other stuff. As I mentioned in my last post I have been DYING for OPI black shatter nail polish. I went to the nail polish section in Target and they had OPI, no shatter! I was very disappointed, but I kept browsing through anyway. A few polishes jumped out at me and I noticed that Nicole by OPI had a Justin Bieber themed line. My younger sister is in her early teens and very Bieber-lusty. I love Usher, she loves Bieber, what can you do? Anyway, I thought it would be a pretty nice tip to add to her babysitting money if I nabbed her one of the polishes.

These aren't cheap by the way. Nicole by OPI was $7.19 a bottle at the Target I was at. After going over all of the nail polishes I was strangely drawn to the ones with the fairly large foil hearts in it for her, but (and this is kind of sad to admit I did this) I tried two in the store and could only get 1 or 2 hearts at most out of the bottle on the brush. Then I noticed this fabulous bottle of polish that looked almost like bright liquid mercury . Give Me the First Dance is probably one of the best silvers I've ever seen in a bottle. Not only was it as silver as it gets, it wasn't grainy or glittery like many silvers I've seen. It literally looked like fluid silver. I had to get it and I did.

After giving it to her she immediately read my mind and started applying it. I was MORE impressed seeing it go on her nails than I was looking at it in the bottle. I'm talking, IMPRESSED. Maybe I'm nuts, but this silver had me at hello! Is is seriously amazing. It's not matte and it's definitely metallic (being silver and all) but it is so smooth and silvery. Ugh! I would wear this on my hands AND toes! You may see it/try it and think--what was she raving about? But all I can say is if you're looking for an amazing silver nail polish this is it. My sister said the Justin Beiber line of OPI polishes raises money for Pencils of Promise, which raises awareness and support for educational programs for developing countries. I'm a little embarrassed to say my first OH MY GOSH GOTTA HAVE IT nail polish was a Justin Bieber one, but I like it so much that I will risk the humiliation to share it with you ;) Nicole by OPI is like many of the OPI polishes and free of DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. If you're not familiar with these crazy ingredients they're the 3 ingredients most health-conscious polishes steer clear from.

Have you seen the Justin Bieber Nicole by OPI polishes? What do you think?

Oh by the way, these have the new obnoxiously wide brush that I hate, but I can forgive them when the color is this fabulous! This is available at Target, Ulta, and lots of places online. See the full line on ULTA.


  1. You used these at Target? I didn't know Target had tester polishes now or were you a naughty girl and used a product that someone else would inadvertently buy after you used? lol

    Personally I'm not fond of Nicole by OPI because the price is less than $1 than OPI is. To me it has always seemed silly that OPI is not (legally) sold in stores but Nicole by OPI is. If I had to choose between Nicole by OPI or OPI I'd choose OPI.

    As for the wide brush, they're using the pro style brush from the OPI line which is suppose to help reduce the amount of swipes it takes to apply the polish.

    I love the color of Give Me the First Dance but it's pretty much the exact color as OPI's Designer Series Shimmer or their Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous (which is just a hair darker).

  2. I tried two different foil heart ones in Target:) Just to be clear, I didn't apply them to my nails, just tried to see how many hearts came out on the brush--I should have been more clear! I've never purchased Nicole by OPI before that day simply because I'm more of straight-OPI fan in general.

    The two Targets near me all sell OPI right next to the Nicole by OPI, which I have found super strange! The selection of OPI is very limited though(probalby 15-20 shades at most?).

    I'm familiar with the wide brush, but I've really never liked it, though I keep trying! I have narrow nail beds so I prefer the more narrow brush. I haven't tried Radiance (the OPI from the Designer Series you mentioned) personally. Maybe if I can nab one I'll compare side-by-side!

    I was shocked by the $7.19 price tag on the Nicole by OPI. I understand OPI is behind the line, but to me they should be closer to $5! I think the point of posting this was to express the fact that I found a polish that surprised me in Target (as I mentioned I'm not much of a drugstore makeup shopper) and that it was Bieber themed haha. I'm in my late 20's ;)

    Thanks for suggesting a couple alternatives! I'm definitely curious to try Radiance now.

  3. Shh, but don't tell anyone I do check out products that way too but end up removing it from the rack and telling the employee it's been opened so they can pull it from the floor or slap a tester label on it.

    I totally agree with the price tag should be around $5 (at most). Realistically I think because it's a store line versus salon it should be at least half the salon brand ($4.25 to $4.50) which is what the salon line costs pro card holders (I buy OPI at pro prices).

    I actually do like the colors from the Beiber line (which reminds me of the Katy Perry line on the OPI side) and think the reason why they went to the Nicole side versus OPI or Sephora by OPI is to cash in Beiber-fever.

    If you don't like the brush you could change out the brush with one you like. Just clean the polish off the brush you want and switch it out. The plastic brush should pop out easily and be replaced easily. I haven't done it in such a long time but remember it use to be fairly easy so long as you clean the brush and stem off first so polish doesn't get every where.

    Also check out Sinful Colors since many of their polishes tend to be OPI dupes. I want to say that 842 Out of the World by Sinful Colors is a close dupe to your silver and it's only $1.99 at Walgreens/RiteAid. Might want to take a look at that. I'd love to see swatches to see if my suspicion on it is right. Like I mentioned before I won't buy Nicole by OPI simply because of the price.

  4. I had the same thought about swapping out the brush, but wondered how well it would work. Next time I may try it! I saw the Katy Perry line in person and was super disappointed by a few of the colors. I hate when they're GORGEOUS in the bottle and blah on your nails :(

    I'll be sure to do a post comparing if I pick up Radiance, which I feel compelled to do now Haha. I'm a pretty picky nail polish lover, butter London is my favorite, but at that price it's more of an occasional splurge than constant purchase!


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