EOTD: Unnaturally Natural Bright Eye

As you've probably noticed, I love color--vivid and super bright or super dark--when it comes to my eyes! Believe it or not, on occasion I do extremely natural looks ;) I thought I'd post a natural look I did the other day, which I did again today so I could take a pic for you lovely makeup lovers! While I don't tend to wear falsies on an average day, if I did this look again and planned to go to an event, a date with the hubs, or somewhere else a little more glamorous than the grocery store I would definitely wear long, graceful falsies to further widen my eye. You all know I love long lashes!

Here it is:

Highlighting the inner corner of your eye and wearing heavier eyeliner on the outer corners of your upper and lower lids can open up your eye and make it look wider. The shadow you're seeing on the outer corner of my eye was created with eyeshadow, it's not an actual shadow.

You may be thinking--what are you wearing other than mascara and liner???? Surprisingly, it takes a little list of products to get a bright eye with shading like this for me on my olive complexion! Hence the name for this look--Unnaturally Natural.

Here's what I used:

For those of you looking at this list of products and scratching your head still wondering how I managed to use so much and yet look like I'm barely wearing anything, that was exactly my goal ;) I wanted to accentuate the shape of my eye only, not draw attention with color. Also, the fresh shadows I used are ones I got years ago and love. I wish I had purchased more at the time, but having never tried fresh's shadows I only purchased a couple.

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