EOTD: MUFE Deep Purple Smoke

The other day I whipped out one of my favorite MUFE Star Powders in Purple. I promised I'd try to take my next EOTD with my camera and not my DROID, but now my camera is GONE! I've got to rip everything apart, I have no idea how it could mysteriously be gone unless little hands got a hold of it somehow. Oy vey!

Anyway, here's the look I did:

Unfortunately, it isn't quite true to color and the shading is a tad lighter than it was because for some reason I kept catching this horrible glare, but you can get some idea of what it looked like!

Here's what I used:

I like this look because I love wearing purple and I really enjoy doing nice dark colors without making them look super ostentatious. I wear "unnatural" colors and dramatic colors on a daily basis so I get a kick out of playing around with them and either playing them up or down.

What do you think?


  1. that purple is stunning!!

  2. Great color right? I can't say enough about Make Up For Ever's Star Powder in Purple 954! Definitely a favorite purple of mine ;)

  3. Stunning is the perfect word for it. Howly cow, I love how that purple just ... has this smokey, deep sheen. Ugh, I love it.

  4. Gorgeous, right? Love it! Crazy thing is, I've had it for almost 2 years and for some reason I tend to forget about it then remember every few months. Then again ... I feel like I do that with all of my shadows haha ;)

  5. I love this look! I need to try out something that intense. I always go for such "everyday" looks :)

  6. Thanks! Is it weird that this is an "everyday" look for me? Haha I do neutral looks on occasion, but ever since the beginning I've LOVED color!

    I'm actually going to post a neutral look I did yesterday soon!


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