Pre-made Base Frustration!!!! (Vent Session)

B.Koi Cosmetics NEVER, EVER uses pre-made bases for anything. Not for our eyeshadows, not for "Sure Thing", not for Liplure, and not for any of the other products I'm working on. I'm proud of the fact that I don't use dyes and steer clear of things like chromium green oxide (heavily uses in cosmetics). Yet every time I turn around I see a new indie pumping out product after product made from pre-made bases, using dyes, etc.

Not that they aren't creative in their own right, but how much work went into something that could be mixed and whipped up in 20 minutes without any research? It discourages me when I put months into each product type while other indies load collection after collection of products made from pre-made ingredients.  I am a perfectionist, so part of the length of time it takes to finalize a product recipe has to do with my desire to create the best possible product I can. The rest has to do with learning the chemistry of each product, determining the best ingredients for the product and for you, researching what I can use instead of dyes, finding the right packaging, etc.

I'm proud of what B.Koi has accomplished so far and I am so excited to release Liplure because it is truly fabulous. I'm just having a grumpy moment :(

At the end of the day, I would rather pour myself and my love of makeup into each of my products rather than create a massive inventory of products from unhealthy components, pre-made ingredients, etc.

Sorry, had to vent for a minute :) Feeling better now!

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