Something Borrowed, Something Blue - Doing your own makeup on the big day!

Sorry it's been a bit since I've posted anything, things have been pretty crazy as I try to finish one of our new products (hopefully it'll be released by the end of May) and take care of all of the other things going on in day to day life. And as if all of that wasn't enough, our Golden Retriever had a severe allergic reaction to a spider bite recently that resulted in an emergency visit to the vet, a shot to prevent the swelling in his face and ears from getting worse and spreading, and both steroids and antihistamines for the next 2 weeks. Oy vey! And of course you guys probably noticed that Blogger was having some major malfunctions all day yesterday. Nuts!

Anyway, I meant to post this a little bit ago, but as I mentioned things have been nuts! I wanted to do a post on doing your own makeup on your wedding day. You're probably immediately thinking of Kate Middleton and her bold choice to do her own for her internationally watched wedding ceremony, but that's not the only reason! When I heard she was doing her own makeup I thought, "Yes! Go Kate!" because I did the same thing and love when brides in general feel confident enough to do their own makeup! Now, I'm not judging those who get their makeup done by someone else by any means. I can definitely understand why! Those pictures will haunt you for the rest of your life, you pay a ton of money for one day and want to look your best, and you want to feel amazing while all eyes are on you!

I chose to do my own makeup on my wedding day for several reason. First, I have a hard time in general believing that anyone will be able to do my makeup as well as I can simply because I know my own face--particularly how to best enhance my almond-shaped eyes. It has nothing to do with the fact that I think I'm better than anyone skill-wise, it is literally just because I've been doing my own makeup daily for almost 14 years so who better to know my face than me? I've allowed others to do my makeup in the past and for whatever reason, they have a difficult time with my eyes if they don't have a similar eye shape. The second reason I chose to DIY-it-up when it came to my makeup on my wedding day was because I wanted to look like myself. I can truly appreciate the makeup artists that do bridal makeup and the end result is a barbie-like look--perfect, flawless, etc. With a look like that your pictures will be fabulous and people will be sure to gasp at how gorgeous you look. For me personally, I wanted people to see ME when I walked down the aisle. I'm not talking about going bare-faced down the aisle because I don't walk around that way from day to day. I definitely wore full on makeup and certainly spent more time on myself than usual, but it was still my hands, my taste, etc. I purchased special products for the day, new colors, a new brush or two, etc. I didn't just throw on whatever I had in my train case and call it a day, though obviously if that's what you want go for it! I loved the excuse to buy more makeup and wanted it to feel special when I applied my makeup by having designated "wedding day makeup" to use haha.

Do I think everyone should do their own makeup? No, if you're not comfortable, confident, and feeling good about it don't do it! For me, I felt most comfortable and confident doing it myself. You're already going to be shaking like crazy and nervous as hell, the last thing you need is to worry that your makeup is right.

Back to Kate, I thought it spoke volumes that she did her own. My wedding was obviously significantly smaller and certainly not as viewed (no televised wedding for me though I know you're all disappointed to have missed it nearly 6 years ago haha), so I definitely acknowledge that her choice was certainly a more difficult one. But all the same, from one former bride to another, I think that's amazing!

So you're probably wondering how I looked on the actual day. Here it is!

I got married on the last day of September but it was still very warm that year so I wanted light. I wore MAC foundation, MAC concealer, Fresh blush, MAC shadows, MAC lipstick and gloss, falsies that weren't very dramatic, etc. Notice a trend? Hahaha MAC was my first high-end cosmetic love that started back in high school and at the time, the quality was amazing. I feel they've changed, but that's off topic ;) Anyway, I wanted a bright, light look that wasn't heavy or dramatic. Kind of ironic because at the time my favorite colors to wear on my eyes were blue and green. Excuse the slight shine on my cheeks, we were waiting in a room without AC and I was actually pregnant when I got married so I was HOT. I didn't intend to walk the aisle pregnant, but we found out after we'd decided to get married that we were pregnant and ended up moving the wedding from February to September. Why? I was due at the beginning of April and didn't want to walk down the aisle hugely pregnant. Also, I got very sick when I was pregnant and had a complicated and high-risk pregnancy and really wanted to get married prior to having my son. It's a good thing I didn't wait because things were so complicated I would have had to get married in bed (literally). I don't feel that anyone should ever get married just because they're pregnant by the way. We were best friends before we even dated (he was also my boyfriend of 5.5 year's best friend--long story!) and we'd already made the decision to get married (he'd asked my mom for her permission to marry me, we'd looked at venues, etc.). Getting married was a CHOICE not an obligation for me. I don't want anyone to think I felt pressured to tie the knot just because I was prego!

Back to the makeup. Would I do things differently if I had another ceremony now? Of course! Trends are different, my style is different, my skills are different, etc. But at the time I was happy and confident and that's all that matters! (Wow this post is long . . . haha).

So anyway, a bit of a scattered post with some personal history, but hey it's Friday the 13th and it's been a long day! I'd love to see your wedding makeup looks whether or not you did your makeup yourself or not!


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