Packaging Woes

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This entry really isn't to your benefit at all since it's basically me airing out my frustration with cosmetic packaging, but what can you do? ;)

I am having packaging woes. In general, I prefer recyclable metal and glass packaging for cosmetics. However, plastics are more cost-effective, more accessible, and provide more size/style options. I have been looking at packaging for a few new products for MONTHS now. One of the key things I consider when I look at packaging is how it will ship. Will it make it through the mail? Glass is great, in my opinion, when it comes to food and cosmetics. But it's not the most rugged when it comes to shipping. Also, glass can be much heavier than its plastic counterpart. I've looked into eco-friendly packaging made of recycled paper, but moisture is a HUGE issue with that type of packaging and the number of companies that manufacturer that type of packaging are few and far between.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I wish there was a family-owned, economically-priced company called "Design Your Packaging Here" and you could design your cosmetic packaging without having to buy enough units to fill a small suburban home and you had unlimited power over size, color, shape, material, etc.

Since that's not the way things work, I'll continue weighing pros and cons and see where I land in the end.  Thanks for letting me vent! I know this entry is BEYOND thrilling ;)

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