Curling Your Eyelashes: Could care less or can't live without

I was a part of a discussion a while back regarding eyelash curling and whether or not everyone involved thought it was an essential part of a daily makeup routine or not. The second the question was even posed, I did a little bit of a double-take. The thought that anyone could question the necessity of eyelash curling to me was just . . . OUTRAGEOUS!

It wasn't shocking to me because I feel everyone has to do it, it was shocking to me because it never occurred to me that well-versed makeup lovers might NOT do it. I probably sound ridiculous with my assumption, but here's why I thought that way ;)

If you've read any of my previous posts regarding falsies or other related topics, you know I cannot stand my ridiculously disappointing eyelashes. They are not only short, but they're thin. I envy anyone that has long, luxurious lashes and doesn't need an oz of lengthening mascara on each lash just to make them noticeable. My sister in-law come to mind. She has crazy eyelashes. Actually, both my kids have lovely eyelashes (go figure they're boys).

So anyway, for me, curling my eyelashes is absolutely ESSENTIAL! Before I even began wearing eyeshadow every day back when I was 13 or so, I began curling my eyelashes every morning and applying mascara. If I go out, whether to the grocery store or out to dinner, I curl my eyelashes. It's not something I think about. It's just a necessary must before I walk out the door.

After being a part of that discussion, I started to notice other discussions on different beauty forums talking about the same thing. I was absolutely surprised at how many makeup lovers didn't feel eyelash curling was essential. Some of the chicks that said they never curled their lashes definitely didn't wear a lot of makeup in general, but some wore quite a bit. I did notice that the chicks that said they didn't curl their lashes generally had 2 reasons:
  • They didn't see the point
  • They pinched themselves when they curled their lashes
If you don't see the point, my guess is you either have naturally gorgeous lashes or you don't see the benefit curled lashes give you. I love the wide-eyed look they help accomplish. I also think they're very feminine.

If you're pinching yourself every time you try to curl your lashes then you either need different curlers and/or someone to show you how to use them.

Generally when I curl my lashes I do it in two steps:
1. Curl them close to the lid, but obviously not so close I pinch the delicate skin.
2. Curl them midway up the lashes to give them a rounded curl.

You want to be careful to never hold for too long or pinch too hard! You don't want to end up with sharply angled lashes and you don't want to stress them too much and end up with any breakage.

I have almond-shaped eyes and slightly less contour because of my Japanese heritage on my dad's side. I still manage to use a traditional eyelash curler. I have, however, been seriously thinking about investing in a precision eyelash curler.

This is a Japonesque ergonomic grip lash curler.
A traditional eyelash curler is contoured to fit over the curve of your eye, functioning like scissors as you "crimp" your lashes essentially. I actually don't like traditional curlers because I find it's too easy to apply too much pressure.

Revlon Cushion Grip Curler

Eyelash curlers with springs provide some tension so that it's easier to apply the right amount of pressure to your lashes, in my opinion. I don't know why, but I have always been partial to this Revlon eyelash curler. I've tried super expensive ones, electronic heated ones, etc. This is my go-to drugstore eyelash curler.

Japonesque Precision Lash Curler
Precision eyelash curlers are much less contoured and they're 1/3 or 1/2 the width of a traditional eyelash curler. This is meant to curl your eyelashes in sections. I've tried a few out and I have to say, you really can accomplish a better curl overall. Even though you curl your lashes in sections, I never had a problem with it separating the sections out in the overall look once I was done. The only downside to the precision eyelash curlers is that it takes a bit more time as you have to do several sections. But again, if you're super concerned about achieving the ultimate curl then this is a fabulous choice! Personally, I love eyelashes curled to the sky, but that's just me ;)

So anyway, I'm not big on the heated lash curlers or plastic eyelash curlers so I didn't include them as I really don't have anything overly positive to say from personal experience, but I know plenty of makeup lovers that love them.

Now here's the big question: Do you curl your lashes every day? If so, what do you use? If not, how come?


  1. I LOVE e.l.f products, but their lash curler is possibly the worst one I've ever tried. No matter what you do it pinches (I know how to use one; I don't have the problem with any other curler)

    I love the look, my lashes are really long but thin.

  2. I haven't tried the ELF curlers!

    In cases like these I hate that we have to try something before we know if it work for us! One more reason I love customer reviews and beauty blogs ;)


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