B.Koi's Read My Lips Giveaway!

Please Note! We've had some questions regarding entering even if you don't have a Gmail or blogger account. You can comment and follow using several different forms of log in information including twitter, wordpress, Gmail, Blogger, AIM, etc. If you cannot log in with one of these profiles, follow the steps below and send us an email at pickme@bkoicosmetics.com with all of the correct information rather than commenting below!

In honor of a new product we'll be releasing at the end of the month, B.Koi Cosmetics is holding a giveaway! We'll have not 1, but 2 winners that will receive fabulous mystery prizes that will remain a surprise until the day the winners are chosen! Winners will be chosen June 1st and the amazing giveaway prizes will be revealed at that time. The prizes may include more than one item, may have something to do with the name of the Giveaway (Read My Lips), may contain new and already-released items, and are sure to be FABULOUS! There will be one first prize winner and one second prize winner. The winners will receive different prizes, though neither will disappoint!

Furthermore, we will be sending a 10% off promo code to everyone that enters and supplies a valid email address after the contest has ended! So even if you don't "win" this contest, you can score some B.Koi Cosmetics at a discount. This contest is open to anyone in the US or Canada. Anyone from a country outside those two may still receive a promo code at the end of the contest by following the B.Koi blog and leaving their email address in a comment below. Make sure you state what country you are from, B.Koi loves its international customers!

Here's how to enter:
1. You must follow B.Koi's blog.
2. You must like B.Koi Cosmetics on facebook.
3. You must leave a comment below which contains an email address at which we can contact you if you're the winner, confirming that you've done both steps above and including your facebook name so that we can confirm you've completed this step. *Please only post one comment below for your entry after doing the first two steps. If you forget to include something in your post simply delete your comment and write a new one.

How to score bonus entries AFTER you've followed the steps above (each step below will give you one additional entry for the contest):
1. Follow B.Koi Cosmetics on twitter @bkoi_cosmetics, tweet some form of the following tweet "Enter @bkoi_cosmetics fabulous Read My Lips Giveaway and get a 10% off code! http://goo.gl/j7YXE" and comment below with your twitter name
2. Post an entry in your blog about B.Koi's Read My Lips Giveaway which includes a link to this page and comment below with a link to your blog
*Each step can only be done once, but you may do both for a total of 2 additional entries. Please only post one comment for each step. You will not receive an extra entry for posting about the contest on a makeup forum as we cannot confirm it without a membership to the forum, though we appreciate you spreading the word!

The First and Second place winners will be chosen using Random.org. We will confirm that the chosen winners have followed the steps as described above. We will contact the winners on June 1st. The winners have 48 hours to respond with their shipping information. Should a winner not respond within 48 hours we will choose another.

The 10% off promo code will be sent via email to everyone that entered and supplied a valid email address after the contest has ended. Please allow a few days after the end of the contest for the email to reach you.

If you have any questions regarding this giveaway, contact B.Koi Cosmetics at pickme@bkoicosmetics.com.

Good luck makeup lovers!


  1. Done :) My email address is - daniellemuaror@gmail.com and my facebook name is 'Danielle Oh Sleeper' Thanks!

  2. Followed on twitter also, my twitter name is - ToxicDiamond

  3. And heres my blog with the link to yours :)...


    Sorry, ive only just started a blog today so that I could enter :) Goodluck to me! Fingers crossed :)..

  4. E-mail: anawilliams@gmail.com. Followed your blog with BlogSpot with an older account (Under Ana, the email associated is either the above address or joanachandler@gmail.com)

    I posted a tweet and followed you on Twitter -- my name there is AnaChandlerr. You'll need to follow me to see it (private) but I have a ton of RL friends on there who take my make-up suggestions, haha.

    I also "Like" you on Facebook under /anawill (name is Ana Williams Chandler there)

    I did a blog post! I was trying to find one consolidated picture of all the color swatches from Sushi Boat to add so my viewers can see the line, but I didn't find one. Direct link: http://she-said.org/?p=156

  5. I like you on FB as Caitie A-R :)

    naturallabeauty (at) gmail.com


  6. Awesome Contest.


    Going to get bonus points now!


  7. Foxxyb80@aol.com
    following your blog! via foxxyb80@gmail.com
    FB is bonnie krupa

  8. Blogged about this giveaway and tweeted you


    Twitter BonnieKrupa

  9. Followed....
    my email is jordansbeautyy@gmail.com
    my facebook name is JORDAN ANASTASIA


  10. Hi there! Such a great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity :D

    1. I followed your blog on google (The Girly Enthusiast)

    2. I liked you on facebook (Chelsey Bishop)

    3. I tweeted and followed you on twitter (@girlyenthusiast)

    My email is girl@girlyenthusiast.com


  11. Thanks for the giveaway! I follow your blog (Mimz) and like your Facebook page (Ramona Flowers). My email is: hawtnstupid[at]gmail[dot]com

  12. I also tweeted about this (@thriftybeauty) http://twitter.com/#!/thriftybeauty/status/74105185110212608

  13. hello!
    ~facebook name: Tita Burger
    ~I'm following bkoi_cosmetics blog
    ~twitter: rakzombie
    ~email: mm_kimkim@yahoo.com
    thnx! :)


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