Should age or having children dictate our makeup choices?

I feel as though now that my friends and I are approaching 30 we're beginning to grapple with the concept of what's appropriate at "our age". But, should age define the makeup we choose as well?

Obviously we're exploring "age-defying" creams, serums, and what have you, but what about when it comes to makeup color and style?

When I think about this question the first person that comes to mind is Cyndi Lauper. I love her and I think she is fabulous from beginning to end. She has a funky, unique style all her own that she has maintained regardless of her age. But does that mean we can all get away with it? In my opinion, yes! Does it mean every mommy on the playground or co-worker is going to like your style? Of course not. But I believe that makeup is like art and you have to express yourself in a true and individual way. When I think about how I feel about my own mom and what I feel is appropriate for her, I really don't see any limits outside of what looks good on her particular face (which is the same way I'd feel regarding makeup for someone 15 or makeup for someone who's 50). If my mom wants to wear bright red lipstick and it looks amazing she should! If she wants to wear bright blue eyeshadow I'm all for it.

Don't get me wrong, I personally respect the fact that some work places have certain expectations when it comes to clothing and makeup and I don't have a problem adhering to them, but I'm talking specifically about when we have the option to choose. If you like neutrals, wear neutrals. If you like color, wear color!

I have two small children and I come across many other mothers that seem to have forgotten how amazing they used to feel when they got ready for their day by enhancing the natural beauty of their faces. Having kids (especially young ones) often cuts into your "getting ready" time, but I think this gives us the opportunity to find new products, techniques, etc. that make it so we can still accomplish the look we like regardless.

I think we should look at transitioning into new chapters of life (getting older, getting married, having kids) as a challenge to reevaluate what WE feel is appropriate for ourselves. I don't wear my makeup now the way I did ten years ago for many different reasons--my skills have improved, trends have changed, my face has changed, new products have come out, etc. If you want change then recreate your look, if you don't then leave things as they are. If we don't feel comfortable in our own skins, how happy can we be on a daily basis?

I am proud to say that I love a range of different looks from neutral to dramatic and my mood, more than my age or position in life (being a mom, owning a business, being a wife), dictates what I apply to my face each day!

What do you think? Should getting older or having kids determine the makeup we wear?


  1. I don't think age or having children should determine your makeup or the way you present yourself.

    I think that as women become mothers, yes--certain things will need to take a back seat. You probably won't have tons of time to curl your hair every day when you have a baby, and so forth, but I think every woman owes it to herself to do what she needs to do to feel beautiful. She doesn't owe it to her husband, or her friends, or strangers on the street--she owes it to herself. If a woman feels most gorgeous fresh out of the shower and doesn't wear makeup, then more power to her. But for those of us who feel more confident with some makeup, then I think we need to take pride in ourselves and carve out that little bit of "me" time (no matter how slim the carving may be).

    As for the extent of makeup... here is my opinion: be yourself. Always be yourself, no matter what. If you are a woman who swears by neutrals, you've never colored your hair more than two shades lighter/darker than your natural (maybe never colored it at all), or have always dressed conservatively, then keep doing that if that is who you are.

    For those who are more like myself--tattooed, feather hair extensions, wearing red eye shadow like it's the most neutral color in the world--then we should keep being ourselves, too. The message we need to send to our kids is that we have freedom to express ourselves through our hair, makeup, clothing, etc. Of course, be appropriate. Don't do anything distasteful or degrading. Always showcase your character, speak eloquently, and teach your children proper mannerisms. Kids will learn by what we do, but our image and how we dress/how fun our makeup is should be aesthetic and should be presented as what it truly is--an expression. Kids need to learn they can be expressive, too. Let them learn it's okay to be themselves, to be who they are. But above all, the most important thing we can teach children is always the KIND of person we are by the quality of our character.

  2. Yours was extremely well put, too. It's good and refreshing to hear someone else is on the same wavelength!

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  4. Ooops, not sure how that comment was deleted! Anyway, I completely agree, Mandy. It's nice to meet women who can feel completely comfortable as they are! We all have our insecurities, but stifling who we are only makes us feel worse about ourselves.

  5. By no means should one's age or parenthood dictate one's choice of makeup, clothing, style..! Heck, I just started getting into makeup in my really late 30s, and while I don't wear superbright or bold looks daily, I do wear them when I feel like it. (Which is usually in the dead of winter when I'm really missing sunlight. :D )

  6. It's never too late to fall in love with makeup in my opinion! ;)


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