Chemical Preservatives in Your Makeup: Yes or No?

So, while mixing some new products I've been debating what kind of preservatives to use. I enjoy natural ingredients and products first and foremost personally because I like to feel good about every part of what I put on and in my body. On the other hand, functionality is a big plus as well.

The question I'm asking myself is do I:

A. Use chemical preservatives to give the products to come longer shelf-lives (up to 2 years)

B. Use natural preservative ingredients (organic essential oils used as preservatives) with possible shorter shelf-lives

Now the problem with using natural preservatives is that not only is the shelf-life kind of unknown, but it is largely dependent on the user's habits. Do you put your finger directly into the jar or on your makeup when applying it? Do you cleanse your brushes regularly? Things like that.

Anyway, which trade-off is worth it to you? Would you rather have a possibly shorter and less definite shelf-life for an all-natural product? Or would you rather have a chemical preservative that guarantees a longer shelf-life?


  1. I prefer natural ingredients to chemical preservatives. I wash my brushes daily, since I know they they are touching my face regularly , so that is a habit I have regardless of what the product is.

    I actually choose not to put my fingers directly into make-up jars, something I personally decided awhile ago. I will use a brush to get the product.

    I know that a lot of products we purchase has some kind of chemical preservative in them, and sometimes it's unavoidable, but my thoughts are the less, the better. :-)

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Mandy ;) It's funny, I don't touch any of my products with the exception of lip balms and blush creams. I actually don't even apply lipstick directly to my lips, I prefer lip brushes for multiple reasons haha. I have some friends who like to apply shadows with their fingers. To each his/her own!


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